Our boutique facility is both special and vast. (400 m2 Gym and 100 m2 Pilates Studio). You will get the best exercise results with cutting-edge sports equipment and our professional team of sports experts. Body analysis is carried out accurately with the Tanita system which enables our trainers to design the best program that fits your needs.

Precor cardiovascular exercise equipment is designed to effectively track your fitness program thanks to the built-in heartbeat track system. The treadmills are equipped with individual DVD players to help you have fun while exercising. Also provided are 4 plasma televisions for you to watch your favorite programs while doing your cardio exercises.

There is also a multi-purpose Whole Body Vibration system to be used while doing Power Plate. The Whole Body Vibration system gives extraordinary results in only 15-minute sessions for increasing muscle flexibility, muscle lengthening, increasing bone density and even cellulite removal. Other areas of the facility include advanced technology weight exercise equipment of Precor, Hoist and Panatta brands.

In addition to Precor cardiovascular training equipment, you can benefit from cutting-edge weight-lifting equipment on our 400 square meter facility. Our members are additionally offered the chance to use Power Plate, a Whole Body Vibration System that gives extraordinary results in increasing muscle flexibility, muscle lengthening, increasing bone density and even cellulite removal in only 15-minute sessions. Enjoy all the services offered by our Fitness Centre with daily or weekly programs designed by our professional personal trainers.

Private Fitness Course: 55 min.

Private courses will yield maximum results from your fitness routines and will enhance your muscle strength and sports performance. The exercises will be generally made up of the following mix: cardio exercises, back pain relief exercises, speed conditioning and explosive power enhancement conditioning, muscle development, Power Plate, mat exercises, stretching and relaxation. We focus more on ski conditioning in fall and winter months while laying more emphasis on sports conditioning in spring and summer. Whatever sports field you are interested in, this course will increase your overall sports performance and flexibility. Your Fitness Trainer will help you find the perfect combination that will cater to your needs.

Fitness Package 10+1

One free course for ten standard private courses purchased.

Fitness Package 20+3

Three free courses for twenty standard private courses purchased.

All Fitness Packages are valid for 6 months following the date of purchase.

Spa & Fitness Daily Use

Outdoor Swimming Pool Daily Use

Monthly Locker Rental

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