Slimming Concentrate Treatment: Slimming 70 min.

This treatment is one of the most effective rituals for slimming the silhouette. From your ankles to your stomach, cellulite is smoothed through a lengthy sequence of massages and firm kneading using Contouring Concentrate. To finish this treatment, a slimming mask is applied to the troubled hip and thigh area. At the end of this massage you are left with an incredible sensation of lightness.


Starvac SP2 includes a series of patented treatment-heads with mobile rollers that constantly adapt to the individual’s skin surfaces, resulting in greater efficiency.

Starvac Treatment: 60 min.

Starvac Slimming Package'5

We recommend this 5-session package for light slimming requirements, perhaps before a special event or for muscular tension.

Starvac Slimming Package'10

We recommend this 10 sessions package for treating early stages of cellulite and for muscular relaxation.

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