These emblematic treatments with grape, red vine and essential oil extracts help reduce tissue swelling by draining and boosting circulation for an exceptional moment of relaxation.

Bath: Relaxing 15 min.

Enriched with grape marc and red vine extracts; this hydro-massage bath will offer you all the benefits of the vine.

Choice of: Red vine bath (draining) or Grape marc bath (exfoliating).

Wrap: Relaxing 15 min.

A warm application of active ingredients derived from the vine with purifying and hydrating properties; this very enveloping treatment provides comfort and relaxation for the entire body.

Choice of: Honey & Wine wrap (hydrating) or Merlot wrap (purifying).

Scrub: Exfoliating 45 min.

The cult scrub from the Spa; ideal before your other treatments. To restore radiance and softness to your skin, has developed two exclusive recipes, a fresh blend of grape oil and brown sugar with grape seeds, honey and 6 slimming essential oils or Divine oil. The skin is clear, refined and perfectly smooth.

Choice of: Crushed Cabernet Scrub (slimming) or Divine Scrub (moisturizing).

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